Getting Your Hippie On! What That and This Team is About

I have had a lot of people tell me that they would love to join this team, but they aren’t sure that they are really hippie enough.  My pictures being of me laying barefoot, on a beach, in a tie dye skirt, may not have done much to dislodge the flower child image.  So I have decided to do two things.

First, I am going to put up some everyday pictures of me.  Pictures of me when I’m not getting my hippie on.  The me that has piercings, and tattoos, and Patty Smith hair.  Let people see that you can be a little rock n roll (or anything else), and still have the hippie spirit.

Second, is to tell everyone that you don’t need to own any tie dye, or be a flower child, to have the hippie spirit.  It is more about a feeling, a set of ideals that we all passionately believe in.  We believe in social and environmental responsibility.  Peace and love are very important to us.  We care about each other, and we support and respect each other.  We believe in community.  Do you?  Because if you do, you have the hippie spirit, and will definitely fit in on this team.

You will be welcomed by warm and open people.  We all have big hearts, and love meeting people that share our passions.  We support each other, in every way.  We truly care about each other, and we will care about you too.  Sound nice?  I can assure you that it is.

You will find this team run by a democratic process, and with complete transparency.  I am the Team Captain, and Katherine from Green Lioness is the Team Leader.  We bounce ideas off of each other first, we then take these ideas to the team members.  The decision to be made will be posted on the Facebook page, the Facebook group, Twitter, and on our discussion boards on Etsy.  Anyone who has an opinion they want to voice will be given the chance.  We will then go with the majority.  

In the unlikely event of chaos, I will make a decision.  In that unlikely event, I will explain to everyone why I made the decision that I did, and how I came to think that was the best decision available.  I promise complete and total transparency.  This is only in a worst case scenario, and I don’t imagine ever doing it.  So far, our democratic process has been working very well, and I expect that it will continue to do so.  

If you like the idea of being a part of a team that you truly have a voice in, and if you have the hippie spirit I described above, I encourage you to join us.  You will not find a better group of people anywhere on the internet.  I love and adore them all, and I am certain that you will too.

Love and Peace,


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Welcome to Hippie Peaceniks!

We are so excited about our new team!  It is a social gathering place for all of us hippie minded people, young and old.  In a mere 24 hours, we have grown into 50 very active members.  I am blown away by this response, and so thankful to the team leader, Katharine from Green Lioness, for her hard work in gathering people.  She brings a fantastic energy to the team, and I am so grateful for meeting her, and forming this team with her.

We want everyone to feel comfortable here.  We will talk about some serious things, like politics and the environment, and also some creative things, like art and music.  Most of us are artisans, and creativity is an important part of us, and our lives.

I hope that you enjoy reading our posts.  We are a group that has a lot to say, and if you have something to say we would love to hear it.  Please feel welcome to comment on any article.  We only ever ask for there to always be respect and love, even if you strongly disagree.

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Love and Peace,


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