Hippie Peaceniks: A few of our favorite things

Good morning!! I hope everyone has woken up this morning ready to take on the world! Thank you for starting your day off with the Hippie Peaceniks Etsy Team. Once a week, I ask the Facebook Group a few questions and include their answers in this blog. I think that knowing the person behind the product is one of my favorite reasons to keep shopping on Etsy. When you make things with your hands or find special items to pass on and give a new life, I think a part of you goes with the item. Every single piece has a story and life of it’s own and as a creator it’s really exciting to imagine the new owner wearing your product and living their life in it, adding to it’s story. Inspiration comes from every where, here’s a few examples of just that. Check out the shops and items below, you won’t be disappointed! 

“What’s your favorite item in your shop? Why is it your favorite? How did  you come to own it or how were you inspired to create it? What sets your shop and items apart from the competition?”

Deni from Cutterstone

Huge Amber and Sterling Artisan Drop Tongue Pendant Vintage Estate

I am not a huge amber fan, but this piece is so large and artistic, and I do love the colors. This is a vintage piece we picked up in one of our buying sprees. As for our shop, I’m sure there are many out there that can rival us, but hubby has a lot of jewelry knowledge which definitely helps in choosing and making new pieces. He can also repair or upcycle imperfect pieces. We may be a little behind the times though….LOL.”




Fiona from TheHappyMushroom 



Sugar skull long necklace

Today this is my favorite item in my shop. It is a sugar skull, Day of the Dead festival themed necklace in bright, fun colors. I usually create my own bright, colorful beads but the assorted glass and stone beads on here come from various sources. They just jumped out at me as they were all so colorful and jolly and said ‘turn me into something fabulous!’. I love sugar skulls and so I embellished dome stone skull beads I had so they had glittery, flowery eyes. I combined them with some very fancy glass lampwork beads which had a wonderful festival feel to them with their colors, stripes and patterns. It is a lovely long, bold statement necklace, really unique and unusual. Almost everything in my shop is a one of a kind creation and I like to make each piece really special. I focus on design and quality construction and put a big dollop of love into everything I make.”





Jennifer of JClaireP

Vintage Owl Stickpin

This is a favorite of mine. It is a 1970’s Sterling Silver, Turquoise and stone owl stick pin and I was lucky enough to come across it at a yard sale. This particular yard sale was AMAZING because the owner was an AVID owl collector in the 1970’s and the items she had to offer were just fabulous! I was so so excited when I found this sale! These are the type of items I enjoy hunting for and that is why I think my vintage items are unique. I really look for rare or unique items and I so enjoy the stories behind them. Every item, piece, linen…anything… has a story behind it. These items will get passed from person to person to enjoy and that is why vintage is a bit of a passion of mine. You never know what the next story will be!”
This quilt is my favorite so far because I love the bright colors and patterns.”
This week I decided to answer my own question, so you can check that out on my personal blog HERE, if you like. I hope everyone has an amazing start to their week and it just keeps getting better! Until next week, smile and pass it on! A smile is like a happy seed, if you keep watering it – Joy WILL grow!
X’s and O’s




Member Monday Group Share; Improving Your Small Business

Good Tuesday Morning! I hope you all had a fabulous Father’s Day over the weekend and enjoyed some nice weather, it was a doozy here in Florida, and it finally started living up to being the “sunshine” state! Once a week I pose a few questions to the group on Facebook and then blog about it here the following day, here’s a look at this week’s group share, enjoy and make sure you visit the awesome team shops to check out all the new improvements and goodies they’ve implemented! 

“What are you doing to update the direction of your shop? What is your favorite social media site to use for promotion? What do you feel you’ve improved in your business since starting it? What are you working on improving next?”

Deni from Cutterstone
We’ve been adding many more vintage pieces. I seem to have my shipping and stuff streamlined, but hope get an area set up just for my Etsy stuff. John has his studio, but not the same. I’m not sure about my favorite social media site, but I tweet and pin everything. Seem to get views from Twitter the most.”
Jill & Kelly from WhisperingMetalWorks

I had a great weekend with my husband…we very busy getting our displays and inventory ready for our upcoming show season. Today I started the week off right by spending a few hours promoting other shops and of course posting up a few of my items as well I am working very hard to improve my photos and listings, and am in the process of re-vamping and completing our web page as well. Oh an our shop banner needs some work, but that one is on the back burner for now. I don’t really have a favorite social media site, but am active on Pinterest, Wanelo, and of course Facebook. I do have a twitter page, but I really am not sure if it has proven to be successful for me. Since opening our shop we have greatly improved our photos…it is still a work in progress, but our goal is to get them all update as soon as we possibly can” 
Lisa from ChakraMojo 
Aww, sigh…..rain has kept me couch-bound because even tho it causes me pain head to toe it also causes it in all my fingers of all ridiculous things- so hard to type, write (obviously I’m getting better, lol!) But lotsa thinking. Was reading up on YANTRAS and the meanings of them, choosing a few to meditate on. I’ve made the changes in my head to re-vamp my shop to make it focus more on Color Energy/Chakras but stilll have many listings to change. Also been making lists of what to put in the “sales rack” to bring more focus. Have also been designing mandalas in my head, a bit with fingers, both simplistic and very intricate…again, good meditation!” 
Michelle from BabygirlsCreations 

I am finishing up a custom order for a family member. It is a camouflage car organizer, but I am making an extra to list in my shop. Then, I need to work on some inventory. I have a very busy July. I’ll be visiting with family quite a bit, and I have a craft show on August 4th.”
Sounds like our hippie friends are busy bees this summer! Stop by their shops and take a peek, maybe you’ll find something you just can’t live without! What are YOU up to this summer? Are you trying to improve your small business or something in your personal life? What goals are you working towards? Share in the comments below, we’d love to hear what your plans are and how you’re attacking them to get them done! Until next week, smile and pass it on, remember your mood is contagious, so if YOU want to have a great week with those around you – smile! It’s the best way to get them to smile too, and make YOUR life a little brighter! 🙂 
X’s and O’s,


Member Monday; Group Discussion – Summer Fun

Long time no text Hippie Family! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the “summer” weather! It’s been SO rainy here, so I’m not enjoying my fun in the sun just yet – but I know it’s coming and I can’t wait! Yesterday I posed the questions:

What are your summer plans? Do you focus on making anything in particular for summer? What’s your favorite summer activity?

Lisa from ArtisticFunk 

My summer plans involve a lot of bbq’s, hot tubbing, learning tennis and actually going OUT on the kayak I bought last year and to spend lots of family time with my Dad and little sister and try to help guide my nephew (my other sister’s child). I AM focusing on making more Jewelry and my new line of Art On Tank Tops for summer which I plan to continue on Henleys in fall and winter. My favorite summer activity is sitting at night on the back deck under my mosquito neck tent with a laptop and doing the HippieP bnR with Luci’s Idle Hands and Jean Braden and chatting with them and the rest of you hippies!(I CANNOT help it! I’m a DWEEB!) Can’t wait to hear from everyone else!

I just plan to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Last summer was such a washout that I really missed out on my grand adventures. I don’t have any special products planned for the summer, but I will be making more of the usual in extra bright and cheerful sunny colors. I have been focusing for a while on surfer jewelry and that is a great summer product, going well. These men seem to love their bracelets, mens jewelry is turning into one of my best sellers! My favorite summer activity is wild camping. I live in a place with such beautiful countryside that myself, my wonderful man and my big old dog just like to get out there and enjoy it. We set up camp in the woods somewhere and cook delicious things around the campfire, swim on the beach and hike for miles.
Jennifer from JClaireP
Hmmm…Let’s see, my Summer plans are trying to keep my daughter busy and entertained! LOL! I think that is the most challenging part of Summer Break. However, I do find time to work on Christmas items of all things! Right now I am working on a Christmas scarf and I am so close to being done! As far as my favorite Summer activity, I would definitely have to say cooking with the wonderful fruits and veggies that Summer brings. There is nothing like tomatoes from the garden and going to the Farmer’s Market’s and finding the best, freshest produce available..to me, that makes a perfect Summer. 

Sounds like those girls have some fun projects and summer fun coming their way! What are your summer plans? Do you find time to make anything special during summer? Comment below and let us know! If you’d like to join in the fun and the sharing over at the Hippie Peaceniks, you can find out more information about the Etsy team HERE. Make sure you follow along on this blog for more fun get-to-know information on some of our talented artists and shop owners, and some great tips from Luci!

Until next time, smile and pass it on! You never know who just may need it today and what a difference it could make to them! 

X’s and O’s,
Lulu of DivineLuluCreations