Featured Shop – AbundantEarthworks

This week’s featured shop is AbundantEarthworks, owned by Dawn. AbundantEarthworks specializes in handmade wire wrapped designs with a unique twist. Abundant Earth Works specializes in beautiful wearable art with high quality gemstones, fossils and crystals. To see more awesome designs, you can visit their shop HERE.




Paua Chandelier Earrings, Shell, Amethyst and Opalite , Cascade Sterling Silver, Boho Earrings, Blue Purple and Silver, READY To SHIP




Abalone Anchor Belly Ring, Starfish Nautical Navel Ring, Birthstone Belly Button Ring, Ocean Shell Body Jewelry, Abalone Navel Ring




Kyanite Om Necklace, Aum and Blue Gemstone Charm, Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Jewelry, 20 inches, Choose Your Length




Chrysocolla Pendant, Vintage Bronze Wire Wrapped, Ocean Pendant, Blue Green Semi Precious Gemstone, Chakra Pendant, READY To SHIP



My passion is stones and their healing energy and beauty. All of my designs are handmade and most incorporate gemstones, fossils and minerals. I use Copper often, as I love the earthy look and appreciate it conducting properties. I am constantly on the look out for things I can reuse and save from disrepair, many of my pieces include scavenged pieces from broken things and natures’ gifts on hikes.

I strive to create beautiful wearable art that everyone can afford to have and Love! By utilizing many different kinds of wire and working with other Rock hounds I’ve met through the years I believe I am achieving this goal

Our Earth is an amazingly abundant place. In order to respect that abundance and ensure the health of this planet, we all need to minimize our impact. By showing respect for these gifts of abundance, by seeing treasure where others see waste, and by buying locally and ecologically friendly we can all help to do our share.
~One Love”


I hope you enjoyed learning more about one of our shops here on the Hippie Peaceniks team on Etsy. Please visit again to see more of our talented artists and their beautiful creations!


Love and Hugs,

Lulu of DivineLuluCreations


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