Featured Shop – AbundantEarthworks

This week’s featured shop is AbundantEarthworks, owned by Dawn. AbundantEarthworks specializes in handmade wire wrapped designs with a unique twist. Abundant Earth Works specializes in beautiful wearable art with high quality gemstones, fossils and crystals. To see more awesome designs, you can visit their shop HERE.




Paua Chandelier Earrings, Shell, Amethyst and Opalite , Cascade Sterling Silver, Boho Earrings, Blue Purple and Silver, READY To SHIP




Abalone Anchor Belly Ring, Starfish Nautical Navel Ring, Birthstone Belly Button Ring, Ocean Shell Body Jewelry, Abalone Navel Ring




Kyanite Om Necklace, Aum and Blue Gemstone Charm, Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Jewelry, 20 inches, Choose Your Length




Chrysocolla Pendant, Vintage Bronze Wire Wrapped, Ocean Pendant, Blue Green Semi Precious Gemstone, Chakra Pendant, READY To SHIP



My passion is stones and their healing energy and beauty. All of my designs are handmade and most incorporate gemstones, fossils and minerals. I use Copper often, as I love the earthy look and appreciate it conducting properties. I am constantly on the look out for things I can reuse and save from disrepair, many of my pieces include scavenged pieces from broken things and natures’ gifts on hikes.

I strive to create beautiful wearable art that everyone can afford to have and Love! By utilizing many different kinds of wire and working with other Rock hounds I’ve met through the years I believe I am achieving this goal

Our Earth is an amazingly abundant place. In order to respect that abundance and ensure the health of this planet, we all need to minimize our impact. By showing respect for these gifts of abundance, by seeing treasure where others see waste, and by buying locally and ecologically friendly we can all help to do our share.
~One Love”


I hope you enjoyed learning more about one of our shops here on the Hippie Peaceniks team on Etsy. Please visit again to see more of our talented artists and their beautiful creations!


Love and Hugs,

Lulu of DivineLuluCreations


Ask Luci: Low Etsy Sales and Putting Granny Squares Together

Hello Friends!

I am the captain of the Etsy team The Hippie Peaceniks.  I have been an accountant/bookkeeper for 10 years.  I worked at an ecommerce company for a year, and a search company for 2 years.  I have been crafting for almost 30 years.  So if you have questions about accounting, taxes, SEO, the ecommerce game, or crafting you have come to the right place!  If you have a question email it to askhippiepluci@gmail.com!

Lost on Etsy

Dear Luci,

I have been on Etsy for a year and have had no sales.  I am ready to throw in the towel.  I love knitting and making things for my shop, but am frustrated at no sales.  What can I do?

Dear Lost on Etsy,

There are a few things you can do.  First is check your prices.  Search on Etsy for items similar to yours and see if your prices are in line with everyone else’s.  Now prices on Etsy can vary widely, so be sure to check and see what kind of sales those shops are doing.  

Another thing I would do is see if you are in a saturated market,  By that I mean are there are lot of similar items to yours on Etsy.  If so, I would suggest looking for items you can make that are unlike what you are seeing on Etsy.  Find a niche, create a brand, and market the crap out of it.  Being unique and providing an item that people can’t find in other shops can greatly increase your sales.

Make sure you have great pictures and engaging descriptions that will make shoppers want to buy from you.  Many shops have difficulties in this area and spend most of their time tweaking listings.  You can’t spend enough time on making sure your listings are perfect.

Also make sure your SEO is working for you.  If you don’t know about SEO you can read previous posts on Ask Luci, or you can do some research on your own.  Google provides great information on SEO, but only some of it will relate to how you name your shop, title your listings, write your description, and what tags you use.  Those are the areas you will work on for an Etsy or Etsy like shop.

On Etsy, I would also recommend becoming active in a team.  Teams are a fantastic support and a great way to help promote and get your shop noticed.  There are many teams on Etsy.  Look through and find the one that best suits you.  You may just love being on the Hippie Peaceniks.  😉

Best of luck!  And don’t throw in the towel just yet.  The internet is a huge place and getting noticed can take a while, but work on these things first before you give up.

Much Love and (((HIPPIE HUGS))),


What’s Up Granny?

Dear Luci,

I am making a granny square blanket.  I have all of the squares made, but am not sure what the best way to put them together is.  I have looked online and there are several ways to do it.  How do you put yours together?

What’s Up Granny

Dear What’s Up Granny,

There are several ways to do this.  It really depends on how much stretch you want and what you want it to look like when it is done.

I do it one of three ways.  You can attach the squares by crocheting one single crochet into each of the stitches on the squares.  Make sure you have them lined up evenly.  This will allow for some stretch and will create a lovely seem on one side of the blanket.

If you do not want a seem, the other way I put the squares together is by sewing them together with a yarn needle and the leftover yarn I used to make the squares.  Line up the squares like before.  Use a whip stitch, one whip stitch per crochet stitch.  This will leave you with a seem that is not very visible, but there is not a lot of stretch between the stitches.

A great compromise between these two options is to use a slip stitch.  Like always, line up your squares and use one slip stitch for each stitch on the squares.  This leaves a less noticeable seem than a single crochet, but allows for more stretch than a whip stitch.

I would recommend trying out all three and seeing which method you like best.  

Much love and (((HIPPIE HUGS))),


Have a question?  Email askhippiepluci@gmail.com!!  Ask Luci appears on the Hippe Peaceniks blog every Saturday!! 

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HippieP Thrifty Thursday

We all love a sale, right?  So here is a list featuring some of our fabulous HippieP shops that are having sales!  Enjoy the savings my friends!

Divine Lulu Creations

Our own Lulu Divine is having a sale in honor of her Mom’s Birthday!  Lulu is the sweetest person and you will not be disappointed in her products or her service.  Her shop is full of fabulous goodies like these:

These bracelets are like nothing I have seen before.  I need to buy about a dozen of them!  

You can purchase this fabulous bracelet here!

Lulu also makes the most beautiful fingerless gloves.  These gloves here are made from milkfiber and cotton.  Pretty, soft, and stylish.  What more can you ask for??

You can purchase these beautiful fingerless gloves here!

Lulu’s coupon code iMAMAMIA.  It will get you $5 off of purchases over $25!  This sale is only going until March 25th, so load up this weekend!


Linarain has a fantastic store full of fun clothes and stylish jewelry.  Take a peek!!

This oversweater is just adorable!  Perfect for summer with a tank top under it.

You can purchase this adorable sweater here!

She also has a fabulous selection of jewelry.  I can just see myself in the sweater above wearing this set.  It may be my love of the color green, but this set spoke to me.  See if it speaks to you too!

You can purchase this lovely set here.

LInarian’s coupon code is GYPSYWEAR!  It will get you 25% off of her entire shop until the end of March!  Stock up on some fabulous skirts, sweaters, and jewelry here!

Ozma Autonomy

Samantha describes her shop as “I have a style that I can’t quite describe but I love all types of people and things and pull beauty from the unordinary”.  It is full of many beautiful items from jewelry to vintage cloths.  Below are a couple of her most popular items.

This necklace has real pot seeds and stems in it.  Yes all you potheads, she is speaking to you.  I just love this and am going to have to get one. 

You can purchase this unique necklace here!

 Another unique item, continuing with the stoner theme, is these seeds, stems, and ash hair clips!  That’s right, you heard me, seeds, stems, and ASH!  I LOVE it!

You can purchase these rockin hair clips here!

Samantha’s coupon code is EQUINOX13 and you will receive 10% off her entire shop until March 31st!  

Nature Made Treasures

Jean is having a sale on some beautiful wild flower seeds.  Here are just a couple of the special items you can find.

These pink poppies are just stunning!  The color really pops and will add curb appeal to any garden.

You can purchase the seed for this eye catching poppy here!

And if you are looking for something to plant with that poppy these blue vervain will look fabulous!

You can purchase these lovely flower seed here!

All seeds are already marked down to $1.75 a package until they are sold out, so get yours now!

Idle Hands Boutique

Luci’s shop is full of a variety of items.  Everything from home decor to baby items.  Her most popular items right now are her spring accessories.  Here are just a couple examples of her work.

These fingerless glove arm warmers have been selling fast!  There are none in stock right now, but you can custom order your own pair!  Chose the colors that best fit your boho style.

You can order your own pair of these boho fingerless glove arm warmers here!

This infinity scarf is simple and fabulous for spring.  It is a wonderful accessory.

You can purchase this fabulous infinity scarf here!

Use coupon code SPRING15 for 15% off the entire shop!  Sale will continue through the entire month of April.  Time to get shopping in here!

That’s all for this week!  Find us next Thursday for more fabulous sales from our HippieP team on Etsy!

Inside Luci’s Head: The Beginning of the End

So last week we discuss the distribution of wealth in the US, how inequitable it is, and how damaging it is to our economy.  I briefly spoke of our healthy economy that was made up of 70% of consumer spending.  So what happened?  How did we go from that, which was pre 2008, to the economy we are seeing today?  And who is to blame?  Like the old saying says, follow the money.  So let’s do that, but the easiest way will be to start at the beginning.  This is a long story that will take several posts to explain, so today let’s just focus on how this started.

It goes back to before 2008.  The tech bubble had just burst, and then 9/11 happened.  We were in a perilous economic time in our history.  We all remember President Bush (W) making his special appearance to tell us that we were in danger of an economic crash.  He may not have used those exact words, but that is what he meant.  So what happened after that?

We created another bubble.  This bubble was a mortgage and credit bubble.  How did this bubble form?  It started with mortgage companies, Countrywide is a good example, but not the only guilty mortgage company.  They were making something called liars loans.  Liars loans are loans that are given with no documentation of income or ability to repay the loan.  There were waitresses reporting incomes of $12,000.00 a month; Janitors reporting $10,000.00 a month!  No way were waitresses and janitors making that kind of money.  If that was true, you would see a lot more people wanting those jobs.  I was a bartender at the Sturgis motorcycle rally when I was in college.  I did it for years, and that is some serious money, and even with all of that money being thrown around I never would have made $12K in a month.  The idea of it is just ridiculous on its face.

Now I know what you are thinking.  Why would these mortgage companies give loans to people that wouldn’t be able to repay them?  Because they weren’t keeping the loans.  Since they weren’t keeping the loans, they didn’t care if they could be repaid.  They would make their money by bundling the loans together and selling them to Wall Street banks.  Now Wall Street banks have criteria that must be met in order for a loan to be held by them.  A man by the name of Richard Bowen, who was the Business, Chief Underwriter of Citibank, noticed that 60% of the loans they had purchased from these mortgage companies did not meet their credit criteria.  He reported this to several people, all high ranking executives including the CEO, but to no avail.  They were not worried because they were also bundling and selling these loans.  Some went to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, others went to countries like Iceland, who ended up bankrupt when it all crashed.  Yep, we bankrupted a country!  We’ll talk about that more in future posts.

This bundling of loans is called CDOs, Collateralized Debt Obligations.  It is a bundling of loans, also bonds and other assets, that are then divided into different risk assessments.  Financial services companies like Standard and Poors, Moody’s,  and Finch were grading these loans.  The grading these companies gives lets investors know how risky these investments are.  Now these loans were junk.  60% of them at least were going to fail.  But that didn’t stop these agencies from giving them a AAA rating, the highest rating.  This meant to investors that this was a safe investment, even though it wasn’t.  Why did these agencies give the highest credit rating to these junk loans?  Because the banks were paying them to rate them.  If they gave high ratings, the banks would keep bring them more business and they would make more money too.

This was just the beginning of the crash.  This led up to it.  Once those loans started failing, the you know what hit the fan!  Everyday a large corporation was failing.  Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae.  Watching the news was terrifying because you didn’t know who was gong to fail next.  Bear Stearns went  under in 7 days!  It was all unraveling so fast!

So next week we are going to talk about these companies.  We will also talk about Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke, and the decisions they made.  I’ll also speculate (educated guesses) at why they did what they did.

Until then much love to you all and (((HIPPPIE HUGS)))


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Ask Luci 3/16/13: Crochet Advice and Recording Shipping Accounting Transactions

Hello Friends!

I have been an accountant/bookkeeper for 10 years.  I worked at an ecommerce company for a year, and a search company for 2 years.  I have been crafting for almost 30 years.  So if you have questions about accounting, taxes, SEO, the ecommerce game, or crafting you have come to the right place!  If you have a question email it to askhippiepluci@gmail.com!

Dear Luci,

I am learning to crochet.  I am having problems with my work looking uneven.  The sides are never a straight line.  I’m not sure where I am going wrong.  I have been practicing and practicing, but always with the same result.  I am about ready to give up!  Any advice?

Uneven Hooker

Dear Uneven Hooker,

Two things come to mind, and they are the most common problems new crocheters struggle with.  I myself did when I first started many years ago.  So don’t give up just yet!

First thing I would check is to see if you are dropping or accidentally increasing your stitches.  Count each row.  Do you have the same number of stitches on each row?  If you have more on a row than you did on the previous row you are accidentally increasing stitches.  This means that you are accidentally putting in more than one stich per chain or stitch on the previous row.  If you have fewer stitches that the previous row, then you are dropping stitches.  This means that you are not putting in one stitch per chain or stitch on the previous row.  If you notice it is one of these two things, count the stitches on each row before you continue.  Eventually it will become second nature for you to place one stitch in each chain or stitch on the previous row.

The other thing it could be is your tension.  This is caused mostly by how tightly or loosely you hold the strand of yarn.  It is always uneven when you first learn, causing some stitches to be tighter than others, and some to be looser than others.  Tension is kind of like handwriting, each person has their own.  The trick is to learn to keep the tension even throughout your work.  This is something that comes with time and practice.  You will find when you do get your tension even, and you start doing more complicated work where gauge is important, that yours will not always be the same as what is listed on the pattern.  You can adjust that by increasing or decreasing your hook size, depending on if your gauge is larger or smaller than what is listed on the pattern.  If your gauge is larger than theirs, use a smaller hook.  If your gauge is smaller than theirs, just use a larger hook.

Crochet is an art that is not learned overnight.  Just try to be patient and practice, practice, practice.  Before you know it, you will be an accomplished crochet artist!

Much Love,


Dear Luci,

I have been trying to decide how I should record my shipping expenses for my Etsy shop.  I have been doing some reading online, but am very confused.  It seems some people treat it as a shipping expense, but some treat it as a “reimbursable expense”?  How should I be doing this??

Not an Accountant

Dear Not an Accountant,

If you do not charge your customers for shipping than this would be a straight expense, and should be recorded as a shipping expense.  However, if you charge for shipping like most Etsy shops do, you would want to record this as a reimbursable expense.  This can include not just the actual cost of shipping the order, but shipping supplies such as boxes, packing for fragile items, shipping labels, and tape to seal parcels to name a few examples.

By recording your shipping expenses as a reimbursable expense, the money you receive for shipping is no longer considered revenue.  It is only a reimbursement of an expense.  This will lower your revenue, and your tax liability.  You just have to make sure that you also record the money you receive for shipping as an offset to the reimbursable expenses account.  For my Etsy shops, I charge for shipping and record all shipping expenses as a reimbursable expense.

Much Love,


Have a question?  Email askhippiepluci@gmail.com!!  Ask Luci appears on the Hippe Peaceniks blog every Saturday!!

HippieP Thrifty Thursday – Featuring Shops with Sales!!!

We all love a sale, right?  So here is a list featuring some of our fabulous HippieP shops that are having sales!  Enjoy the savings my friends!

Our crazy Candi is having a sale in both of her shops!  CraziCandy is a colorful shop full of unique items!  Be sure to check out this shop for groovy items like these awesome tie dyed jeans!  If only these were my size!  I just love the colors and the worn out boho look.

You can view these fun boho jeans here!

And of course there is her other shop UndergroundSkunk.  This shop is full of goodies.  Everything from vintage patches to one of my shopping weaknesses, buttons!!!  Check them out below!

You can view these fabulous buttons here!

Candi’s giving you 20% off all orders!  Just use coupon code CRAZYLOVE!  Thanks so much Candi for sharing this fabulous sale with us!!

Next up this week is one of my favorite Etsians, Angelene Flowers, and her beautiful shop Paper Pastiche.  Angelene’s shop is full of fantastic paper art.  Let me show you a couple examples of this talented artisan.  Let’s start with some of her tags.

You can view the listing for these lovely tags here!

Angelene’s smash books are very popular among our group.  I have yet to purchase one, but I hear nothing but rave reviews from those that have.  Her smash books are on my “to buy” list.  Take a peek at this one!

You can view the listing for this fabulous smash book here!

Angelene has already put 18 listings on sale for between 20-30%, and you can still use coupon code DISCOUNTPLEASE to receive an additional 10% off these already marked down items!  They include tags, flowers, cards, and mixed media pieces.  Be sure to check out this sale!  Thanks so much Angelene for sharing your smashing sale with us!

I am pleased to show you our next shop, UniqueHanMadeJewelry.  Robert Darrah is a very talented jewelry artisan.  I am constantly amazed at the quality and unique pieces he shows us.  Let me show you a couple of my favorites!

I love this ring that is made from a quarter.  It is unique and funky, two of my favorite qualities.  The craftsmanship ia so obvious at a glance.

You can view the listing for this fun ring here!

This is probably one of my favorite pieces in Robert’s shop.  It is so elegant and just beautiful!  It is on my wish list.

You can view this stunning necklace here.

Robert is offering free shipping on all orders.  Use coupon code FREESHIPPING!  Thanks so much Robert for sharing this fantastic sale with us!

And finally I want to share the sales going in both of my shops!  I am trying to raise funds to get to Boise to visit my boyfriend.  Due to financial reasons, we have been separated for over a month and we miss each other terribly.  This is a sale for love!

From my shop Idle Hands Boutique, I’d like to share with you some hand crocheted infinity scarves I just listed yesterday.  They are available in black, grey, and turquoise.  Take a peek!

You can view this popping scarf here.

I am also running the same sale in my supply shop, Idle Hands Yarn!  It is filled with a variety of eco friendly craft supplies, including t shirt yarn, reclaimed yarn, and more!  Here is one of my favorite t shirt yarn listings I have up.  I have contemplated keeping it for myself, so if you want it I suggest grabbing it quick before I decide to keep it for real!

You can view this fun hot pink t shirt yarn here.

For my sale I am offering 30% off all items in both of my shops!  Just use coupon code BOISEORBUST!

I hope you get to take advantage of the fantastic sales our shops are offering this week!  Check back next Thursday for even more sales!!  Until then, happy thrifty shopping!

What’s Happening on the HippieP Blog!!!

I wanted to give all you cool cats a rundown of what we have planned for the blog.  We have a lot of exciting stuff going on, and I am super excited to tell you about it!

First, we have made some changes to the pages.  Some disappeared, but we created some new ones!  The first one, and only one so far, is a page of recipes!  If you have a recipe you would like featured, please send it to hippiepeaceniks@gmail.com.  Include your link to your Etsy shop if you have one so I can include it with your recipe.

We have also set up a series of events for each day of the week!  Here is what you should be looking for:

Monday – This is Member Monday!  Lulu Divine writes up fabulous shop features of the talented artisans on the HippieP team.  I have really enjoyed reading them.  I love the feeling of knowing the person you are purchasing from.

Tuesday – This is Themed Blog Share Day.  We will give our team members a theme and whoever wants to participate can write about it on their blog.  We will then share a link to their blog and include a short blurb about the post.  I can’t wait to see this!!  I am excited to link our member’s blogs with ours.

Wednesday – Guest Blog Day.  This is the day that we will post an article written by one of our very own hippies.  They will be able to say what they want.  This is a censorship free zone.  I can’t wait to read what is on our hippies minds.

Thursday – Thrifty Thursday!  I will be compiling a list of all sales that team members have going on.  There will be links to their shops and blurbs about them and their shops.  If you are looking for a deal you are going to want to check out our Thursday posts!

Friday – Recipes!  We will be posting recipes given to us by our hippies.  They will be posted in the main thread, and in the side page.  It is the perfect way to answer that question we all ask ourselves every day…  “What’s for dinner?”.

Saturday – Ask Luci.  This is an opportunity to ask questions about accounting, taxes, SEO, crochet, knitting, and eco friendly craft supplies and projects.  I worked as an accountant for a small search company for several years.  I know all about accounting best practices, taxes, SEO (working for a search company came in handy!), ecommerce (worked that for a mid sized company for about a year), and have been knitting, crocheting, and upcycling since I was 9.  For those of you trying to do algebra to figure out how old I am, I am 36.  lol  I have been crafting for 27 years.  I have managed to learn a thing or two in that time.  lol  So if you have a question, email askhippiepluci@gmail.com.

Sunday – Current Events Opinion Article.  This is where I sound off on what is pissing me off.  lol  It largely will center around politics, the economy, and the environment.  I will try to keep it funny, but let’s face it, we have some serious problems!  The hippie life isn’t all peace and love.  I mean, there is that, but we are also activists.  We openly oppose things that hurt people.  As far as I am concerned, sounding off on the things that are going wrong is totally in the hippie style.  I hope that you agree.

Well that is it!  You know what to expect and when to expect it!  Follow us for updates on our latest posts!

Much love to you all and (((HIPPIE HUGS)))

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